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Tuition Fees Fall 2019

Child must be 3 years old by October lst to enter K3
Child must be 4 years old by October lst to enter K4

 $   l50.00        New Student Application Fee (non-refundable
 $   l00.00        Early Re-Enrollment Fee* (non-refundable)
 $   l25.00        Late Re-Enrollment Fee* (non-refundable)
 $ 5967.00       Annual Tuition**

K5 through 6th  Grade
 $   l50.00        New Student Application Fee ( non-refundable)
 $   l00.00        Early Re-enrollment Fee* (non-refundable)
 $   l25.00        Late Re-enrollment Fee* (non-refundable)
 $   70.00         Graduation Fee K5
 $  275.00        Foundation & Technology Fee* non-refundable
 $ 5350.00       Annual Tuition **

Junior High(7th & 8Th) and High School
$   l50.00         New Student Application Fee (non-refundable)
$   100.00        Early Re-enrollment Fee (non-refundable) 
$   125.00        Late Re-enrollment Fee (non-refundable) 
$   160.00        Graduation Fee (8th and 12th Grades)
$   375.00        Foundation & Technology Fee (non-refundable)
$ 5985.00        Annual Tuition ***

Multiple Child Family Discounts: (applies only to tuition fees)
            1st Child:         Full Price
            2nd Child:        l0%
            3rd Child:        25%
Application fee will only be accepted with the signed Parental
Covenant Agreement and the completed Application Form.

Tuition is an annual fee.  For your convenience, we offer 3 options to pay tuition:

  • Payment in full (4% discount)-due by August 1st
  • 2 Payments (August and January)
  • l0 payments (through FACTS, a tuition acquisition company) starting in August and ending in May.

    Anyone who brings a new family who registers as a new student at
    Abundant Life Academy will receive $l00.00 off their tuition bill.

*Early Re-enrollment ends March 15th
*The Foundation and Technology Fee is due June l5th.
***Tuition is estimated and subject to board approval.

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